Care advice

Taking good care of your lovely t-shirts and dresses keeps them feeling soft & looking like new for a long time!

All linen, crepe, viscose and delictaes have a test and pre-wash when necesserry. This is called a shrink wash and is to help prevent any further loss of length and size to your items. I ask that you wash all delicate fabrics cold and do not tumble dry to best care for your items. 

Jersey fabrics, 30 degrees or below and again I always advise not to tumble dry clothing.

How to take care of your hearts, skulls and all other designs printed on to your garments;
 Vinyl motifs do not like direct high heat so always iron your items inside out or from the reverse. Vinyl is a very hard wearing long lasting material when taken good care of.

Wash all your t-shirts, sweaters, loungewear & handmade jersey dresses at 30 degrees or lower, please note high temperatures & tumble drying may ruin your soft fabrics and could damage a print over time. Thank you, Jilly