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Calling all top fans!!! Here it is!! The MEGA MERCH BOX! A concept I have LOVED creating and in true Jilly's fashion; style; each box has a unique element. I can't wait to create yours just for you.

Please choose from the drop down boxes.

Each box will include;
- one T-shirt. Oversized with unisex options.
- something cute, something sweet and something thoughtful.
- something to promote positive well being.
- 1 accessory worth up to £15
& more.

Please remember each box has very exiting contents, with some differences from box to box and a content value greatly exceeding the retail cost of this box.

This is somewhat tailored but please note the end products included in your box are at my discretion and I can't be making lots of changes therefore the end product will maintain the element of surprise. Please note individual contents can change at any time due to availability and supplies so don't be expecting the same as a friend who may have ordered the week before you, for example. Thank you and enjoy, yours will be awesome I promise !!!!

Created & dispatched within 5-7 working days! Please select first class postage at check out as the box will be bigger than a letter box! You must select the correct postage, thank you. Of course, collection is also available.
Items can not be swapped in anyway or exchanged for money.

Leave a valid number at checkout incase I have any questions please, thank you.